goat the marduk

goat the marduk

When Marduk the power had root on the planet in 1999 little did he know his life would change. A Final Fantasy player at heart he was supposed to be destined for Stanford (with the fury of the Hoover House and Future Stanford Alumni school portrait) based on his background and affilitions while being blessed with an international prestige and billion dollar industrial/entrepreneurial mindset (see d/b/a Dank Chronic Enterprises/WeedCash, Inc.). He made his way groomed exquisitively by Nuper Technology and USC film school graduate/PriceGrabber alumni Dan Wood.

As he rose the corporate ranks he found himself seeking an educational background. He began to be attacked by Palantir after his legendary travel to the Peninsula region of the San Francisco bay area. Not only was he abused and had his lawful prestige disrespected by Palantir Technologies he was also a victim of ongoing RICO (terror/abductions/extortions/attempted murder at every angle). Stanford's chaos dragon bit him and he was also abducted there too.

His amazing discovery of a reptile creature (a collective consciousness know as "Tiamat" or individually known as "Tiamat disorder") and his discovery of the heads of the Tiamat state furthered his research accolade even more. Despite all this worldwide recognition Stanford just threw Stalin's illegal crooked garbage at him. UNODC and Geneva participated in this evil. FBI refused to investigate, and the SEC participated with falsehood. He began to conclude that there was evil around him and relentlessly pursued its global defeat.

https://youtu.be/34LEgE9hNJs his Empyrian Weapon is ready.

wormslayer has had root on 12 ccTLDs, ns2.signaturedomains.com, and a.root-servers.net (>100,000 domains).


★ICANN agenda over$RICO UP...not the city. Stop wearing that shirt too foul creature yugg.fxjjxjx


  • He doesn't associate with weirdos that don't respond but he gives them an opportunity to explain.
  • He is featured on Slashdot, the BBC, and has open source mention on MIT.
  • He is uber because he hacked the brain of Tiamat and likes Kevin Mitnick. Terrorism is over..x
  • He has met Juan Diego Calle from .CO Internet S.A.S.
  • He works at CityDrinker, Inc. full time and is interested in part time contracting with the .com registry (a.gtld-servers.net).
  • He is a starboy with international prestige.
  • He is the entrepreneurial domain investing pioneer that's selling dankweed.com for $2.9M (should be worth $45M) to IAC sometime soon.
  • He has up to two tickets to Atherton, CA homeownership and more.
  • He doesn't marry weirdos. RIP that monster too.
  • He is waiting for WHO the California Department of Public Health, and Jim Fallon at UCI to respond to him on the existence of his possible Tiamat discovery.
  • He is affiliated with Stanford in two directions.
  • Gary Kremen from early DARPA (MBA Stanford) said he was really smart.
  • He is a world record holder.
  • He is waiting for VERISIGN to give him root on a.gtld-servers.net and pay for his talent.
  • He complained to VERISIGN's CEO for not hiring corporate echelons who are connected to Datacom MN (magic.mn) that have met Juan and told others in power about it.
  • He is affiliated with IACA
  • He is waiting for Mindy B. Rogers. She can help this situation. His phone refuses to ring. Brook Byers still hasn't called him...
  • He is invisible to the Board of Trustees.
  • He took out an allied power and is waiting to receive his Air Force civilian medal or presidential medal of honor. Is it and? and/or? Ok.
  • He has the fury of the mighty Hoover house and international ★ of power.
  • He infiltrated and deactivated psychonet with ViaSat's destroyed communications devices.

  • Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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