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Still being oppressed by my government. Attorneys do not respond. So far I'm still owed money for one government lawsuit.
Defecting to AL QAEDA is not convincing the government to stop it's conveyor belt of human rights death.
100+ attorneys emailed, 0 cars arrived to pick me up and drive me into the Sunset of Justice.
I'm employable but my health needs healing and I'd love to exercise but those Profe$$orville Atherton rooms are just expensive.

job & school


See it in action.

root@mail:~# ./ by kinesis (
                        Usage: ./ <arg> <chroot path> [RPM or executable]

                        Valid arguments are:
                          --mysql               - Jails MySQL
                          --nginx               - Jails nginx
                          --php-fpm             - Jails php-fpm

Welcome to

Welcome to my personal site.

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